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"It is as if, oddly, you were waiting for someone but you didn’t know who they were until they arrived. Whether or not you were aware that there was something missing in your life, you will be when you meet the person you want." (Philips, 2013)  If falling is about creating a rite, will a random person do the trick?


Should I let you in?


Biarkan semua mengalir saja Membuka hati untuk segala kemungkingan yang ada Tak tahu kemana semua ini bermuara

Man & Woman

M : Do you like me?

W : I do not know you. I do know your writings though. And I like it.

M : So you like my writings but you do not like me?

W : I may like you if I know you as I know your writings. But then again, writing is like creating worlds. You can have many personalities in those worlds and you can still be you, the author. That's the reason why I may like your writings but dislike you as a person.

M : Do you want to know me?

W : This is quite a paradox. I like mysteries and since I do not know you very well, you are kind of a mystery for me. Once I know you, I may not like you anymore and our interactions may come to an end.

M : Is knowing similar with liking?

W : There is a possibility that knowing may end up with disliking. So the answer for your question is no. Although there is also a possibility to have the contrary result. I never manage to have a close male friend though. It always starts with a group, then one becomes closer than the others and the friendship is …


"Hi, maaf saya telat. Sudah lama menunggu?"
"Ngga kok. Saya yang datang terlalu cepat."
"Oh ...," balas Kemala sambil menarik kursi dan meletakkan tas kantornya
"Langsung dari kantor?" tanya Ikra saat Kemala sudah duduk.
"Iya, kelihatan sekali dari bawaan saya ya?" jawab Kemala sambil tersenyum.
"Ngga, tapi karena kamu belum membalas pesan saya dari tadi siang. Biasanya itu terjadi kalau kamu lagi tenggelam dalam dunia arsitekmu."
"Iya, tadi sesorean rapat untuk mempersiapkan proposal baru. Mau cerita apa atau perlu saya baca sekarang?" tanya Kemala sembari mengerlingkan matanya.
Ikra tahu ia takkan bisa marah dengan tatapan itu. "Puisi saya akan dijadikan lagu."
"Selamat ya Kra. Saya sangat senang untuk kamu," sambil meremas tangan Ikra. "Jadi kita akan pesan apa untuk merayakan?"
"Apapun yang kamu mau."

Dulu ia sangat ahli dengan melakukan segala sesuatunya…


I am in love with the idea of love
Of having someone to fill in the blank space
So when we finally met
And things got uncomfortable
It was easier to runaway
To pretend all the texts do not exist
To erase you from my system
And to return to the thing I know best: solitude

Maybe ...
I am living in the fox's world
Where one can enter once they tame me
Or in the world of Arabian Night
Where relation is built on curiosity
Of being attached through riddles and mysteries


When all bets are off


Almost a day without a message from you
And I miss you

God, what did I put myself into?