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After Darkness, There is Light

Yeah right, after being stupid like adding a person to my linkedin account (which I never done before), today I made it up by working the whole day until I forgot to take my lunch. Well, probably this is another stupidity, I am going nowhere by being ill. But at least I got a passion boost, although it is most probably for the wrong reason. For now, I don't really care about the reason, as long it creates the emergent effect that I am looking for.

c'est la vie

Stupid is ...

... downloading his picture and saving it in the computer


Good observer, does not talk too much and quite aware about difference. And although I know that these qualities are part of being a good anthropologist I still found his performances as charming. I did not involve in any conversation with him and I only knew his name on the second day I met him. So why I am still thinking about him? 
Oh well, I will just blame my paper ... Editing paper produce unexpected effect


"some people are worth melting for ..." --Frozen

I don't know what happened to me, but somehow I cannot get him out of my system