Sunday, April 29, 2018


One of the peculiar things of being an introvert is difficulty to invite new people to enter your life. You have a certain decency to be polite to random people but what truly matters are the ones who have capture your heart. People who have been with you through bad and good times. Having people saying 'I love you' without really knowing them thus felt strange since you have a different way of falling for someone. For you falling is about finding the right rhythm, of finding the balance that actually works for both sides, of accepting one's beauty but also their scars, of being vulnerable since falling means their pain also become yours. 

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Uki said...

It really takes a lot of time and activities for introverts to be able to form a good strong connection. as we would call it a "time"
as comfort is what most important to them. or comfort is just illusion of time it self.
but time is 2 faced friend for them. either will be their own enemy or their bestfriend. but the life. it way to fast


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