Wednesday, April 18, 2018


The first phase of dealing with the end of something is always the hardest. You still function somehow, but your heart like to play a trick on you. 
You go to the bookstore, electronic center and the grocery store but suddenly going alone seems to be too lonely for you. 
You already accept the result, you even start to add new color in your life, but you are not sure whether this is what you want. 
Everything seems too perfect and you are not use to perfection. Perfection does not feel human and a cold feeling start to creeping on your spine.
Maybe, this is the time for a new beginning. To find a new place and routine, to reset the self by meeting new people.


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Anonymous said...

you are worthy to get what you are dreaming of. if you reject it, its the same as refuse god's help. To be able to love someone else, help yourself to love yourself first.


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