Wednesday, February 08, 2017

The Inevitable

"You know that you are only avoiding the inevitable, right?"
"Do you think being happy is wrong?"
"Yes, if it means you only sharpen a knife that will make you bleed deeper ..."
"But if I stop it now, I will be sad, while no one know what may happen in the future."
"You are only entertaining the impossible."
"But that's the great thing of possibility, right? A space for hope."
"Did not you learn anything from probability, some things are meant to have a low success rate. That's statistic."
"And there is always someone who hit the jackpot against all the odds."
"And you expect to hit the jackpot?"
"Not necessarily, no. The thing is if I stop right now, I know it is going to break me, while if I continue, there is a possibility to have a different end."
"Yeah, one day of crying versus months of crying, sounds very promising my dear."
"Or months of being happy and one day of crying since I know that things should end that way."
"I am not sure whether you are a genius or a total idiot."
"Let's say I am a dreamer."

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