Tuesday, January 17, 2017


One of the things that I love from meeting a stranger is the absence of attributes. We can talk like a human being for the sake of our attitudes and not for our religion, skin color or degree. I am wondering whether we can just be human, people who want to enjoy each other company without being judged for our attributes?

The presence of application-based transportation allows me to meet drivers from various backgrounds. There are various stories: the middle class group who seeks for additional income after exercise at the gym, a colleague student who need additional income to support his study, a driver with a television in his car and was familiar with the network of gangs in many cities in Indonesia or full time drivers who shift their job from conventional taxi.

Once I left the car, the driver and I become a stranger again. Two people who won't greet each other once our lives intersect in the street. However, within the half-hour drive, we are close to what people call friend: a person who listen to your stories.

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