Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Interview

"Why do you want to be a lecturer?"
"I know that I want to be a researcher since it allows me to explore new things and I like that kind of thing. Later, I start to enjoy presence of other people and to learn through interacting."
"Do not you think you are the one who should share the knowledge?"
"I am not sure I like the idea to have one-sided learning. I want to catalyze student to find themselves. I see the process of learning like cleaning a mirror, the more you study, the better you can understand yourself. "
"So why do you want to be in the university?"
"Because I met the nicest people there. When I graduated from my bachelor degree, I told my supervisor that maybe after hours of supervision, I would not use partial differential equation anymore. He said that all is fine as long that I am happy. In university, I met people who asked me what I want. It made me feel human. Being understood."
"You know that sometimes you have to face something that you don't want or like, right?"
"I know and when it happens, the worst possibility is to detach myself from the situation, but most of time, I prefer to negotiate and I think I am quite good with it."
"Because you are always being surrounded by nice people."
"Yes, and also because in the university, you are being expected to do the idealist thing, in contrast to politics or other jobs."

At the beginning of the interview, I felt nervous. The interviewer asked me to introduce myself and I did not know what was expected from self-introduction. I mentioned information of my identity card, name, birth date and all and felt super silly afterwards. But after several questions, I felt comfortable so I hope it was a good sign.


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