Friday, December 23, 2016


One resolution. To stop being a coward. Trying to face confrontation if it is for a better cause rather than running away. To have a closure to something. No more making others to do the dirty work. I guess being a grown up means to deal with things that you do not like. To make decision that may not be popular and even hurtful for yourself or someone you care about when you think that's the right thing to do.

I've been in an emotional roller coaster in the last two months. Making tough decisions that I knew disappoint people who are very dear to my heart. The thing about disappointment is that it is never a one-sided thing. It is like breaking a glass, all parties are left shattered. When I told my colleagues that I was going to move to another faculty, it was super hard since I knew what they expected from me. But I did what I thought was right and being able to explain to the person who has the expectation felt liberating. Having a sense of closure, to move forward to a different kind of relation. And finally, to experience that when people care about you, they want the best for you, with or without you in their lives.  

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