Saturday, November 19, 2016


Creating a new relation makes you wonder whether you are good enough, whether the other person shares the same feeling as you or not. The same thing goes for break ups. Once things go down you start to ask yourself about what went wrong, on whether you are worthy for the other person or not. However, what if the answer lies not on the past, but rather on the future or the absence of it. In this case, being in the same phase of life and having a shared value become critical. You need a dose of compatibility and after that, it is a matter about intention and will to make it work. Friction is part of life, so the question is not about finding the right fit through years of dating, but rather to work around it. In a way, this is about value, things you consider more important in life. 

I still cannot imagine living apart from my other half. Having kids with one of the parents being constantly away. Probably, I should not overthink this matter alone. 

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