Friday, July 08, 2016


If you stay in one place, would it be easier to call a particular place: home, a place that will give you a warm feeling of belonging, of being part of something? Being a gypsy allows you to travel to many places in the world, intersect your life with others' who do not share similar beliefs, culture and tradition. At the same time, you feel that all of you are the same human being. Sometimes you communicate not through words but through smiles or gesture, a universal language that can either make or brake you.

I still remember my experience being in the police station in Turkey airport due to lack of dollar. The police was amused by the immigration office who did not accept euro but then accompanied me to go to the nearest ATM. We have to pass several guards and it felt cool to have a personal bodyguard.

An old man in an onyx shop who gave me a present because he saw me as a family.

A lady in a hotel in Nanjing who always tried to serve me even when it was not necessary or when it was her colleague's duty to serve me.

There were many nice memories that I like to cherish but there were also many sadness. When you being away in a foreign city, you start to fall in love to different things. You start to wish all the streets have paths for bicycle, to eat bread for breakfast and to have agenda for the whole week. You also start to be attached to the people who live there. You want them to constantly be part of your life but you realize that at some point you have to move again. You start to loose the definition of home since your love's one are all over the world.

You want to settle in a city, in a place where you feel you belong but then you forget how to do it. You like the time flexibility but you also miss the order. You start to attach to new people but you still miss people from the other places. You start to imagine a Frankenstein city where all the people you love can be in the same city, a city that connects different countries and time differences.

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