Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Materiality of Love

"It is easy to accept one's bright side, but would you able to accept his dark side as well? Chemistry is not only about having butterflies in your stomach, but it is also about being able to accept things that make you uncomfortable while making the other part comfortable. There is no perfect match."
"Probably because you do not look hard enough."
"Do you have someone that you love deep enough but you cannot stand to be around them for a long period?"
"Yeah, I get your point. You may fall to the idea to have someone who understand you, but you must remember that both of you are different persons that do things differently. You may like to go to parties while the other likes to be at home. You may be very organized while the other likes to throw things whenever s/he finds an empty space. You may expect the other to do things that s/he dislikes or the other way around, you may be disappointed since the other has a different style of doing things than you. The idea of loving someone is nice but problem emerges once you have to negotiate your personal physical space: look, smell, body language, routines."
"You also need to remember that love is situated in a particular time and space. You need to work on it over and over. You may have reciprocal feeling at a particular moment, but if you take the relation for granted, you may loose the situation that build the feeling."  
"Are you suggesting that love is more than a feeling?"
"Exactly. Love is always manifested in its materiality or practice. Unless you are a chronic saposexual who can be satisfied by one's intelligence, you need to feel comfortable with the one you love."

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