Monday, June 06, 2016

Karma (2)

You may have reciprocal love but somehow, your relationship does not work. The universe intersects your paths when both of you are on different stages of life. You may love someone but you love yourself more; you have things that you want to do for yourself before you want to entangle your life with someone else. It is not a matter of compromise or fighting; it is really about finding yourself. Even it means to let go the other person and breaks your own heart as consequence. At the same time, the other person wants to settle down and since you were no longer in the picture, done it without you as the spouse.

Once, I was the former. I had my personal dreams and I broke up with someone who I thought would always be in my life. Today, I am the latter. I want to settle down, while the person I am in love with want to pursue his dreams. Another end, which allows me to have a closure for the first end.


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