Monday, June 13, 2016

It's Complicated!

"What do you want? By doing this you may end up hurting many people. Please be firm on what you want."
"Can you be nice to me?"
"With that look you can even ask me to jump from a cliff for you. Do you want me to console you or do you want me to be objective, something that you are lacking these days?"
"I want you to fix my messy life."
"You already know the answer, you just do not want to follow it."
"Yeah, I know. It is just so bloody hard."
"But that's the thing about you. Life comes to you easily. You never apply for a job, there were many people who protected you whenever you made a mistake. You broke up with someone but you can easily find someone else."
"Are you saying that I am spoiled?"
"No, not really. I am just saying that you have particular ways of doing things; ways that invite people to act in certain ways toward you. You may dislike some of them but you have to understand that you contribute to the way they behave towards you."


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